Wylee Parties

Want to have a Wylee Party?

Whether you host your Wylee party for friends, co-workers, family, or neighbors, Wylee parties are a great way to have fun and enjoy good company, all while earning Wylee Dollars!

 Allyou need to host a party is a computer or a Wylee catalog, and your favorite Wylee items! Our website shows our complete selection of products, so once you've signed in, you are ready to begin!

 So how do you host a Wylee party?

1.     Invite Your Guests!
 Send out invitations in the mail or via email for a night of fun and shopping! Whether it's games, cocktails, or just friends and Wylee, your party is sure to be a fun way to earn Wylee dollars and spread the word about your favorite products!

2.     When your guests have arrived, open a catalog, log onto our website, and check out all our bags and accessories. If you have your own Wylee products, displaying them is a great way to give your guests an idea of Wylee's style and quality, and to show them why you love your goodies! Once your guests decide what they want, make a list of the products you'll be ordering.

Wylee ships all merchandise to the person hosting the party, so it will cut down on your shipping cost. It's a good idea to have everyone chip in for shipping, and if your order exceeds $500, Wylee will take care of the shipping for you.

3.     Email Your Order To: orders@wyleebags.com

When you place your order for your party, Wylee will take 15% of your total order (before taxes) and credit the percentage to you in Wylee Dollars! You will be sent a one-time code that will allow you to use your Wylee Dollars on any merchandise on the site.  It's a reward for repping your favorite Wylee gear and spreading the word!

Wylee parties are a fun and fantastic way to save money and earn Wylee Dollars!


 If you have questions regarding Wylee Parties, Wylee Dollars, or any of our merchandise, please send an email to orders@wyleebags.com.







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